The All Important Timeline

Nothing clarifies things like a timeline. Especially a timeline done with hindsight. Here’s some of the key events:

Sometime 2012 Fusion Gps DNC
Fusion GPS “The firm also worked for Democrats in 2012 to uncover dirt on one of Mitt Romney’s top donors, leading to charges from conservatives that the Obama campaign was engaging in ‘Nixonian’ tactics. Read more: ”Source
Sometime 2013 FBI Page
Page is UCE of FBI into investigation into BuryakovSource
18 March 2013 HRC Blumenthal
The original (and best) Guccifer releases hacked emails from Sidney Blumenthal AOL account containing exchanges between HRC’s private email server and Blumenthal about Libya and Benghazi
01 June 2014 Seth Rich DNC
Seth Rich joins the DNC as the national data director
01 June 2014 FBI Page
In the summer of 2014, BURYAKOV met multiple times with a confidential source working for the FBI (“CS-1”) and an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-2”). Both CS-1 and UCE-2 purported to be working on a casino development project in Russia. During a conversation recorded on July 22, 2014, Sporyshev warned BURYAKOV that meeting with UCE-2 might be a “trap” but authorized BURYAKOV to go ahead so he could make a better assessment. During the course of the subsequent meetings, and consistent with his interests as a Russian intelligence agent, BURYAKOV demonstrated his strong desire to obtain information about subjects far outside the scope of his work as a bank employee. During these meetings, BURYAKOV also accepted documents that were purportedly obtained from a U.S. government agency and which purportedly contained information potentially useful to Russia, including information about United States sanctions against Russia. Who is UCE-2? A casino development would be interesting to the Trump organisation…. Source
01 December 2014 HRC
Hillary tells Paul Combetta (of Platte River Networks where her private server was based and who is Reddit user /u/stonetear) to delete all incriminating emails re: recent events. /u/stonetear asks a Reddit forum how to do it. He ‘forgets’ until March 2015
21 February 2015 Podesta DNC
John Pedosta (Wikileaks Podesta email 36082) and Robbie Mook discuss leaks apparent in an article by WaPo and discuss making an example of the leaker – with or without evidence.
01 March 2015 HRC
/u/stonetear is prompted by HRC staff to delete the Butcher of Benghazi’s emails. Justice is obstructed. He gets immunity.
02 March 2015 HRC
News that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email server for official State Dept. business is disclosed in the New York TimesSource
09 March 2015 Andrew McCabe
Clinton associate Terry McCauliffe meets with Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill to encourage her to run for officeSource
12 March 2015 Andrew McCabe
Jill McCabe announces her candidacy for the state senate in VirginiaSource
24 June 2015 HRC FBI
Discovery of classified information on Clinton’s private email server announced; the matter is referred to the FBISource
15 July 2015 HRC FBI
FBI opens criminal investigation into Clinton’s email server and gross mishandling of classified informationSource
24 July 2015 HRC FBI
State Dept. and other officials make security referral related to classified information possessed by Clinton and associatesSource
24 July 2015 HRC FBI
After complaints from Clinton camp, New York Times edits story about email probe, removing “criminal” referencesSource
12 August 2015 HRC FBI
River Plate turn over HRC’s servers to FBI. The emails are already bleach-bit’d
15 August 2015 Andrew McCabe
McCabe uses his official FBI email to promote his wife’s candidacy for the State Senate in VirginiaSource
01 September 2015 WikiLeaks DNC
Wikileaks connected former Ambassador Craig Murray claims to have met with “an intermediary” of a DNC informer in Washington Source
01 October 2015 Andrew McCabe
FBI official Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill starts receiving bulk of $700,000 from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffe’s political entitiesSource Source
11 October 2015 HRC Obama
On 60 Minutes, President Obama absolves Hillary Clinton of blame for her private email server: did not pose “a national security problem”Source
15 October 2015 Andrew McCabe HRC
On or around this date, McCabe emails investigators that Clinton will get an “HQ Special” (special or lenient treatment) Source
09 January 2016 Fusion GPS RinatAkhmetshin
Rinat Akhetshin Russian spy working for Fusion GPS visits WH in a large group Source
15 January 2016 HRC FBI
John Giacalone, head of FBI’s National Security Division, retires after reportedly seeing Clinton probe go “sideways”Source
19 January 2016 HRC
Intelligence Community Inspector General reports Clinton’s private email server had SAP (highest classification level) data on itSource
29 January 2016 FBI Andrew McCabe
FBI director James Comey names Andrew McCabe deputy director, with responsibility for oversight of Clinton investigationSource
15 February 2016 HRC
State Dept. finds that 2,115 of the 30,490 emails produced by Clinton were classified and therefore grossly mishandledSource
01 March 2016 Mannifort TRUMP
Sometime March. Mannifort Hired by TRUMP.Source
04 March 2016 Strzok Page
FBI’s Peter Strzok texts his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI attorney, calling Trump “an idiot”, whose nomination would be “good for Hillary”Source
07 March 2016 Fusion GPS BakerHostetler
The records show that Fusion was also paid $523,651 by the law firm BakerHostetler between March 7, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016. Fusion worked for BakerHostetler to investigate Bill Browder, a London-based banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin.Source
09 March 2016 FBI FusionGPS??
FBI “Contractors” are found to have accessed “raw” intelligence.
19 March 2016 DNC Podesta
Hackers gain access to emails of Democrat operative John PodestaSource
21 March 2016 Trump Page
Trump announced that Page and several other advisers were being brought onto the campaign during a March 21 interview with The Washington Post. Trump also identified energy consultant George Papadopoulos, former Defense Department inspector general Joe Schmitz, and retired Gen. Keith Kellogg as members of the new foreign policy team. But Trump’s name check of Page has come back to haunt the former reality TV star. The mention left the impression that Trump personally knew Page, but that was not the case, … Trump says he does not recall ever meeting or speaking with Page, who has worked in Moscow in the past and has advised Gazprom, Russia’s largest natural gas company. Some campaign advisers said that though Page was aggressive in his attempts to submit policy proposals, his ideas were never implemented in campaign strategy or its policy framework.Source
27 March 2016 DNC DCLeaks
email message was sent from an individual spoofing the legitimate “” account and contained the subject “Sоmeоne has your passwоrd.” The spearphish message was actually sent from, an email address from the Moscow-based webmail provider Yandex. The message appeared to be a security notification from GoogleSource
28 March 2016 Fusion GPS Manafort
Paul Manafort hired as Trump campaign manager (Fusion GPS’s Simpson and wife had reported on Manafort’s Russian ties in 2008)Source
01 April 2016 FBI Guccifer1.0
Guccifer (a Romanian) is arrested, and deported to the US. He claims to have also hacked HRC private server, but the FBI claim he has no proof of it. He’ll be released around June 2020 – just in time for the election! 🙂 Source
05 April 2016 Strzok Abedin
FBI’s Strzok interviews Clinton aide Huma AbedinSource
09 April 2016 Strzok Mills
FBI’s Strzok interviews Clinton aide Cheryl MillsSource
12 April 2016 DNC Fusion GPS
Law firm Perkins Coie, using money from the Clinton campaign and DNC, hires Fusion GPS to find incriminating data on TrumpSource Source
18 April 2016 FBI Fusion GPS?
FBI “stop” allowing raw access to intelligence to “contractorsSource
19 April 2016 Fusion GPS Obama
Wife of Fusion GPS founder Simpson, Mary Jacoby, visits White House and meets with Obama and/or Obama aidesSource
19 April 2016 DNC
Start of large scale (i.e. more than 1 or 2 emails /day) downloads of DNC emails. Also the first of the post BleachBit emails
19 April 2016 DCLeaks
Whois-DCLeaks: Site Registered 2016-04-19T13:44:24Z Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a
25 April 2016 Perkins Coie Obama
April 25-26, 2016, and totaled $98,047. Former president Barack Obama’s official campaign organization has directed nearly a million dollars to the same law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier. Since April of 2016, Obama For America (OFA) has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show.Source
29 April 2016 DNC
DNC IT admins alert their management about suspicious activity. Nothing is done for days.
30 April 2016 DNC Crowdstrike
DNC IT staff reports suspected hacking on its server(s) to FBI, but fails to turn over the server to the agency, instead hires CrowdstrikeSource
01 May 2016 Alex Downer George Papadopoulos
George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton. (Downer is Old pals with Clinton)Source Source
01 May 2016 HRC Comey
Comey confirms investigation into HRC’s use of private email. But the fix is already in.
02 May 2016 HRC Comey
FBI director Comey drafts statement exonerating Clinton before interviewing her or other key witnessesSource
03 May 2016 TRUMP
Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee for the office of presidentSource
03 May 2016 HRC FBI
Clinton IT specialist Paul Combetta admits lying to the FBI about erasing emails using BleachBit but is not charged for the crimeSource
03 May 2016 DNC Chalupa
Email from DNC contractor Ali Chalupa states she connected Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News “to the Ukrainians”Source
05 May 2016 HRC WaPo
Washington Post reports there is “scant evidence” of a crime committed by Clinton through her use of a private email serverSource
06 May 2016 DNC Crowdstrike
Crowdstrike is called in and installs monitoring software on servers. The CEO of Crowdstrike is ex-FBI who worked directly for … Robert Mueller
15 May 2016 DNC Crowdstrike
Crowdstrike claims it investigated DNC hacking and that Russians were responsible; FBI still denied access to server to confirmSource
15 May 2016 Ohr Fusion GPS
Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ executive Bruce Ohr, is secretly hired by Fusion GPS, presumably to work on Russian “Dossier”Source
16 May 2016 Comey HRC
Draft statement by FBI directory Comey exonerating Clinton, before key interviews, is circulated to FBI leadershipSource
21 May 2016 DNC Seth Rich
In a now deleted Fox news story wikileaks Gavin MacFadyen (since died of lung cancer) claims to have been in contact with Seth Rich. Source
23 May 2016 Ohr Fusion GPS
Amateur License – KM4UDZ – Ohr, Nellie H Fox:HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016.Source
23 May 2016 Ohr Fusion GPS
Nellie Ohr applies for HAM radio license, presumably to create covert communication channel and avoid government surveillanceSource
24 May 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
Perkins Coie pay GPS 91,500$Source
25 May 2016 Crowdstrike DNC
Crowdstrike are morons. Emails continue to be downloaded 6th to 25th May. In fact, more emails were hacked after Crowdstrike than before. Source
25 May 2016 DNC Seth Rich
Date of last of {Seth Rich’s} downloaded DNC emails later posted on Wikileaks. Download must have stopped on or soon after this date
25 May 2016 Page FBI
BURYAKOV will be sentenced Page no longer an UCE of the FBISource
01 June 2016 Orbis Fusion GPS
Orbis Business Intelligence Hired by Fusion GPS Sometime June.Source
01 June 2016 TRUMP Fusion GPS
Sometime June ’16 Trump Towers illegally wiretapped on basis of Fusion GPS dodgy dossier & Manifort allegations
04 June 2016 WaPo Russia
Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post reports, via anonymous sources, that Russians hacked the DNCSource
06 June 2016 Seth Rich
Seth Rich’s last submission on Reddit. He seems happy with himself.Source
08 June 2016 DCLeaks
DCLeaks comes online. “The DC Leaks Twitter and Facebook accounts debuted on June 8, the day that the site itself appears to have launched. While nobody else had heard of DC Leaks, “Guccifer 2.0” had somehow not only discovered the site, but had privileges that allowed him to provide TSG with access to a password-protected section of the site. On its “About” page, DC Leaks describes itself as a “new level project” committed to exposing “Wall Street fat cats, industrial barons and multinational corporations’ representatives who swallow up all resources and subjugate all markets.” At launch, the site’s sparse offerings included documents hacked from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and e-mails stolen from the Gmail account of Philip Breedlove, a recently retired U.S. General who served as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.” A “portfolio” titled “The United States Republican Party” contains about 300 e-mails that were sent during a five-month period ending in late-October 2015. A review of that correspondence shows that a wide variety of GOP e-mail accounts have been breached. The victims range from staffers for Senator John McCain’s campaign committee to a candidate running for State Senate in Virginia. Source
09 June 2016 HRC
HRC becomes presumptive nomanee for Democrats. Confirmed on 9th June ’16
09 June 2016 TRUMP Jr Fusion GPS
Natalia Veselnitskaya, and Rinat Akhmetshin {Fusion GPS} attempt to trap Don Jr.
09 June 2016 TRUMP Jr Fusion GPS
Donald Trump Jr. meets with Russian attorney after being lured by the promise of opposition researchSource
09 June 2016 HRC Obama
After meeting with Bernie Sanders in White House, President Obama endorses Hillary ClintonSource
10 June 2016 Crowdstrike Russia
Crowdstrike’s Alperovitch attributes hack to Russia. His premise being only they have a tech called X-agent. He’s wrong, just as he’s been wrong at least two other times. The guy sees Russia everywhere. Source
12 June 2016 Crowdstrike WaPo
DNC server finally taken off-line. Alperovitch tries to get the FBI to directly claim Russia. They refuse as they haven’t even been allowed to see the server. Instead Alperovitch and the DNC brief the Washington Post
12 June 2016 DNC Wikileaks
Wikileaks’ Assange warns that Clinton emails will be leakedSource
14 June 2016 WaPo Russia
WaPo publishesSource
14 June 2016 Chalupa Podesta
Ukrainain DNC Lawyer Alexandra Chalupa {who probably started the Manifort wiretaps} is part of a large group, including Anthony Podesta, meets at the VP’s Building Source
14 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DCCC website registered… Similarly, in the Democratic National Committee attacks, the attackers appear to have used the same trick, substituting for, the site of a DNC contractor. ActBlues was registered to, an account to used to register the domains, and — three sites identified by Germany as Russian fronts. Now registered to Registrant Organization: Microsoft Corporation Registrant Street: One Microsoft Way. Source
15 June 2016 Biden Ukraine
Joe Biden meets Pro-Clinton Anti-Russian Ukrainian delegation
15 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 Russia
On the same day … Guccifer 2.0 changes documents that were once on a VP or DNC computer to implicate a Russian name
15 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 Russia
Still the same day … Guccifer 2.0 comes online and says “it’s me!” Source
15 June 2016 Fusion GPS DNC
Ex-MI-6 agent Christopher Steele is hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through Fusion GPS, according to UK court filingsSource
15 June 2016 Strzok HRC
FBI agent Peter Strzok changes wording of Clinton charges from criminal designation “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”Source
16 June 2016 Page Trump
Carter Page becomes Trump advisor
18 June 2016 Fusion GPS
A Christopher Steele {Wrong Initial? Fusion GPS?} and a social media ghost, Mackenna L. Hamner, (visit the WhiteHouse. Why is no-one talking about this? Source
18 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DNC
Second Guccifer2.0 Post. Conspicuous lack of Russian “fingerprints” Here I upload a new part of docs from the DNC network. As Debbie Schultz from DNC said no financial information or secret documents were stolen. It appears there are a lot of financial reports, donors lists and their detailed personal information including e-mail addresses and private cell phone numbers. Ha! Ha! Ha! Who still doubts I extracted more than 2 files?Source
20 June 2016 Fusion GPS
Dodgy Dossier ReleasedSource
20 June 2016 Fusion GPS
Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele releases first memo related to Russian “Dossier”Source
20 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DNC
Guccifer2.0 posts (on same day Dodgy Dossier Released..!): Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC. Expect it I’d like to announce the next piece of docs from DNC. I found something like a dossier on Hillary Clinton on the its server. It’s a heavy folder of docs that will attract your attention. You’ll like it. Expect it. I’ll publish them on June 21 at 10 a.m (ET).
20 June 2016 Lewandowski
Lewandowski fired as Trump advisor because Mannifort doesn’t need him. Later joins Avenue Strategies, his new lobbying firm. Source
21 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DNC
Guccifer2.0 posts links to zip files. Sites say “This file was uploaded from France on June 21, 2016 at 4:51 AM” While mediafire says 11:51:14 (different timezones we presume) Some sites require that Guccifer create an account No Russian anything in Docs.Source
22 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer posts that he’s set up a Twitter Account.. actually set up ;Mon Jun 20 15:20:51 +0000 2016Source
27 June 2016 WJC Lynch
Lynch and a Rapist( meet on the Tarmac to “discuss grandchildren” for an hour
27 June 2016 WJC Lynch
A.G. Loretta Lynch secretly meets with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac; they later deny discussing the investigationSource
27 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 The Smoking Gun
On June 27, 2016, The Smoking Gun (TSG) received a series of emails from Guccifer 2.0 ( with the subject “leaked emails”. Most of the messages were sent from the Russia-based Elite VPN IP address (located in France) as previously highlighted in our blog post. Some of the emails were sent from another probable Elite VPN IP address (Miami, FL). The messages were not spoofed as they passed Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) checks. Within the message thread the Guccifer 2.0 persona offered exclusive access to private Clinton campaign emails. TimeZOne GMT -0400 (EDT) Source
29 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DCLeaks
On June 29, “Guccifer 2.0” wrote seeking a correction. “It seems people think it was me who hacked Hamilton,” he stated. “That’s not correct. I just sent you a link. I don’t claim it’s my work! I don’t need another person’s glory.”Source
30 June 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DNC
Guccifer posts Q&A. One image was originally called later changed (30 June 2016, 04:53:51)to
01 July 2016 Fusion GPS Ohr
Fox: The dodgy dossier was provided to the FBI in July 2016. Initial investigation suggested that Steele, a longtime FBI informant whose contacts with Mr. Ohr are said to date back a decade, might have played the central role in putting Simpson together with the associate deputy attorney general. Source
02 July 2016 HRC Strzok
Clinton interviewed by FBI and Peter Strzok for 3.5 hours; she is not placed under oath nor recordedSource
04 July 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 The Smoking Gun
TSG’s contact with “Guccifer 2.0” ended on July 4, when he e-mailed two DNC documents along with the greeting “happy independence day!”
04 July 2016 Seth Rich
Seth Rich’s last comment on Reddit.Source
05 July 2016 FBI FISA
FISA Court denies FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaignSource
05 July 2016 Fusion GPS FBI
Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele shares Russian “Dossier” with the FBISource
05 July 2016 FBI HRC
FBI director Comey announces he does not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for use of her email serverSource
06 July 2016 Seth Rich
Seth’s father claims he was invited to join the Clinton campaign(
06 July 2016 FBI Lynch
A.G. Loretta Lynch accepts Comey’s recommendation not to charge Clinton for mishandling classified informationSource
06 July 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
New Guccifer post. Trump bashing…!Source
09 July 2016 Seth Rich
On Facebook Seth Rich calls for people to stop killing each otherSource
10 July 2016 Seth Rich
His name was Seth Rich. RIP Source
10 July 2016 Seth Rich
DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered in as yet unsolved caseSource
14 July 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
New Guccifer Post. He’s not DeadSource
15 July 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
Perkins Coie pay $107399.74 to Fusion GPSSource
19 July 2016 TRUMP
Trump officially becomes Republican nominee for POTUSSource
22 July 2016 DNC Wikileaks
Wikileaks publishes the DNC emails
22 July 2016 DNC Wikileaks
Wikileaks releases archive of emails stolen from Democrat National Committee (DNC) that show undermining of Sanders campaignSource
22 July 2016 Smith Tait
Republican called Smith contacts Tait about Russian emails. Smith is killed Source
24 July 2016 DNC DWS
Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as Chair of DNC due to Wikileaks revelations about SandersSource
24 July 2016 DNC Russia
Clinton aide Robbie Mook claims Russians hacked DNC and Clinton campaign to aid TrumpSource Source
25 July 2016 DNC Wikileaks
Wikileaks’ Assange says he timed release of DNC emails to impact convention; says “no one” knows who provided emailsSource
25 July 2016 Strzok Wikileaks
FBI announces it will investigate the DNC hack revealed by Wikileaks, Peter Strzok handpicked to lead investigationSource
29 July 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The FBI is investigating a cyber attack against another U.S. Democratic Party group, which may be related to an earlier hack against the Democratic National Committee, four people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Source Source
29 July 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
$99166.83 from Perkins Coie to F_GPS Source
30 July 2016 Strzok Russia
FBI opens counterintelligence investigation into possible Russian “collusion” with Trump campaign led bt Peter StrzokSource
06 August 2016 Strzok TRUMP
FBI investigator Strzok texts mistress about a “menace”, presumably meaning Trump. But could the “menace” be Steele?Source
10 August 2016 Bern
Bernie Sanders reported to have purchased a $575,000 lakeside homeSource
10 August 2016 Brennan Obama
Washington Post implies John Brennan may have shared “Dossier” with President Obama around this date Fusion GPS.. start setup of Flynn?? Source Source
12 August 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 DCCC
Guccifer2.0 post. Claims Hack of DCCC. Content now removed. Note curious title: “Guccifer Hacked DCCC”, not “I Hacked DCCC”. Am Thinker confuses hacking a website admin page with a server: Source Source
15 August 2016 Strzok Page
FBI investigator Strzok texts mistress about needing an “insurance policy” against TrumpSource
15 August 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 postSource
16 August 2016 FBI HRC
FBI writes Congress defending decision not to prosecute Clinton, stating it was ‘extreme carelessness’ and not ‘gross negligence’Source
17 August 2016 TRUMP Flynn
On this day, NBC’s Dilanian, Windrem, Arkin report claim M. Flynn clashed with intel officials during initial briefing with Trump teamSource
19 August 2016 Mannifort Bannon
Mannifort resigns as Bannon is hired.Source
21 August 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 PostSource
25 August 2016 Brennan Russia
CIA director James Brennan informs Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about possible Russian “collusion” with Trump campaignSource
27 August 2016 FBI Page
Reid sends a letter to Comey referencing allegations made about Carter Page in the dossierSource
27 August 2016 DCLeaks
DCLeaks, a website that releases information on powerful political figures, has had part of its website taken offline after releasing a cache of documents on billionaire donor George Soros. The @DCLeaks Twitter account has also been suspended from Twitter for reasons unknown. The website had previously released 2,500 internal Open Society Foundation (OSF) documents in order to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.” OSF is one of Soros’ networks of organizations.Source
27 August 2016 DCLeaks
DCLeaks comes back online, with missing see Source Source
31 August 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
31 August 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
01 September 2016 Fusion GPS WaPo
Fusion & Steele Brief Journalists from NYT, WaPo, Yahoo, New Yorker, CNN
01 September 2016 Fusion GPS TRUMP jr
NBC’s Dilanian, believed to be a Fusion GPS flack, reports on Trump Jr.’s 6/9 meeting with Russian lawyer VeselnitskayaSource
05 September 2016 HRC Russia
Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of interfering with U.S. electionSource
13 September 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
GUCCIFER tweets he will be speaking at a Cyber Conference in London 14:50 GMT, September 13 Instead someone reads a statement “from him”.Source Source
14 September 2016 DCLeaks
Sometime around this date, DCLeaks comes back online
15 September 2016 FBI FISA
FISA Court approves FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign based upon Russian “Dossier”Source
15 September 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 PostSource
21 September 2016 Fusion GPS WaPo
New York Times, Washington Post, and Yahoo News verbally briefed by Steele on Russian “Dossier” according to court filingsSource
23 September 2016 Fusion GPS Yahoo
Yahoo News publishes report based upon Russian “Dossier” and possible collusion with Trump campaignSource
23 September 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 Source
26 September 2016 Page TRUMP
On September 26, 2016, Page stepped down from Trump’s campaign. Page’s resignation came amid speculation that he had engaged in discussions with top officials in the Russian government while in Moscow for a July speech. According to Yahoo News, U.S. intelligence officials were investigating allegations that Page had “talks about the possible lifting of economic sanctions if the Republican nominee becomes president.”13 Shortly after the accusations were made, Page left the campaign. He denied the allegations to The Washington Post, saying, “All the ones that are mentioned in the various articles, I didn’t meet with any of those guys. It’s completely false and inconceivable that someone would even accuse me of that.” Page then said he would leave the campaign to avoid further distractions: “This is another distraction that’s been created here. There’s so little time between now and the election, this is in the best interests of the candidate.”Source
27 September 2016 DOJ FISA
John Carlin, head of DOJ National Security Division and involved with FISA requests, announces he is resigningSource
28 September 2016 FBI HRC
Comey claims his decision to exonerate Clinton was not made until after her interview with FBI agentsSource
29 September 2016 Obama Perkins Coie
Obama for America Pays Perkins Coie $700,000Source
30 September 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
Perkins Coie pay Fusion GPS $144,600Source
01 October 2016 Wikileaks Podesta
Wikileaks publishes Pedosta emails
01 October 2016 FISA FBI
F.B.I. and Justice Department may have misled a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge when they sought a warrant to spy on the former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page Source
03 October 2016 FBI Weiner
FBI agents seize computer of Anthony Weiner during investigation of his communications with underage femalesSource
04 October 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 Clinton Foundation
Guccifer uploads from France(?) some Files contained in the folder date from July, Aug ‘16 After CS secured the DNC servers. Note this claims to be from the CF, not DNC
05 October 2016 Wikileaks GUCCIFER2.0
Fewer of these timelines note that Wikileaks didn’t release anything that Wednesday. It did, however, call out Guccifer 2.0’s purported release of Clinton Foundation documents (though the documents were real, they were almost certainly mislabeled Democratic Party documents) on October 5. The fact that Guccifer 2.0 chose to mislabel those documents is worth further consideration, especially given public focus on the Foundation documents rather than other Democratic ones. Source
05 October 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 Greenwald
Doubts arise about if the docs really are CF docsSource
07 October 2016 TRUMP
Access Hollywood releases graphic audiotape of Donald Trump bragging about hitting on womenSource
07 October 2016 Wikileaks Podesta
Wikileaks releases archive of emails stolen from Clinton operative John PodestaSource
07 October 2016 Obama Russia
Obama administration officially accuses Russia of meddling in 2016 presidential electionSource
12 October 2016 FBI Weiner
FBI agents tell McCabe and Strzok it’s discovers 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop, many of which were Huma Abedin’sSource
13 October 2016 McCabe HRC
McCabe organizes FBI response to WSJ revelations that his wife’s campaign was funded by Clinton associatesSource
14 October 2016 Strzok
Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman given a major promotion to deputy director of SEC’s Enforcement DivisionSource
15 October 2016 FBI Fusion GPS
FBI meets with Fusion GPS contractor Steele and offers to pay him for more Russian “Dossier” materialSource
18 October 2016 GUCCIFER2.0 TRUMP
Guccifer2.0 post about Trump Taxes
19 October 2016 Fusion GPS Shearer
A second unpublished report by Steele contains information from Winer (state dept) via Cody Shearer and BlumenthalSource
21 October 2016 FBI Page
FBI claimed to a FISA Court; to gain a “Title I” surveillance warrant; that Carter Page was working on behalf of a foreign government. Carter Page was an FBI Under-Cover Employee in 2013, and remained the primary FBI witness through May of 2016 throughout the case. If Carter Page was working as a UCE (FBI undercover employee), responsible for the bust of a high level Russian agent in 2013 -and remained a UCE- throughout the court case UP TO May of 2016, how is it possible that on October 21st 2016 Carter Page is put under a FISA Title 1 surveillance warrant as an alleged Russian agent?Source
23 October 2016 FusionGPS BakerHostler
The records show that Fusion was also paid $523,651 by the law firm BakerHostetler between March 7, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016. Fusion worked for BakerHostetler to investigate Bill Browder, a London-based banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin.Source
24 October 2016 McCabe
CBS reveals McCabe’s wife received $700K in campaign donations from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffeSource
26 October 2016 FBI FISA
FISA Court discusses illegal unmaskingSource
27 October 2016 McCabe Weiner
During Comey staff meeting, McCabe and Strzok are asked why they’re sitting on the Huma/Weiner email disclosureSource
28 October 2016 HRC Weiner
Comey announces he is reopening investigation into Clinton’s email server due to information found on Anthony Weiner’s computerSource
28 October 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
30 October 2016 FBI HRC
Judge Kevin Fox grants a search and seizure warrant to the FBI for Clinton emails on Huma Abedin’s laptopSource
30 October 2016 FBI Russia
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s writes to James Comey asking him to release “explosive” information on Russian “collusion”Source
31 October 2016 FBI Russia
FBI lead counsel James Baker leaks “Dossier” information to David Corn of Mother Jones that ties Trump to Russian “collusion”Source
31 October 2016 TRUMP Russia
Clinton campaign issues statement, citing Slate, about server in Trump Tower that secretly communicated with RussiaSource
01 November 2016 DCLeaks
DCLeaks last submission on DCLeaks.comSource
01 November 2016 McCabe HRC
In spite of numerous conflicts of interest, Andrew McCabe waits until this date before recusing himself from Clinton email probeSource
04 November 2016 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 Post. Setting the scene that the elections CAN BE HACKED. I’d like to warn you that the Democrats may rig the elections on November 8. This may be possible because of the software installed in the FEC networks by the large IT companies. As I’ve already said, their software is of poor quality, with many holes and vulnerabilities. I have registered in the FEC electronic system as an independent election observer; so I will monitor that the elections are held honestly.Source
06 November 2016 FBI HRC
Comey exonerates Clinton again after Weiner documents are reviewed “around the clock”Source
08 November 2016 Fusion GPS McCain
Sir Andrew Wood (Orbis) Meets McCain (Court Filings)Source
08 November 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
Perkins Coie say their employment of Fusion GPS ends at election.Source
08 November 2016 TRUMP
Donald Trump is elected President of the United StatesSource
15 November 2016 Fusion GPS Ohr
DOJ official Bruce Ohr meets in secret with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele regarding Russian “Dossier”Source
15 November 2016 FBI Fusion Gps
FBI agrees to continue funding Steele and his “Dossier”Source
18 November 2016 Fusion GPS McCain
Sen. John McCain told of the Russian “Dossier”; a copy is sent to McCain and key aidesSource
09 December 2016 McCain FBI
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gave the bulk of the report to FBI Director James Comey on Dec. 9. The final pages of the report are dated Dec. 11. McClatchy had the report earlier but couldn’t verify any of its allegations.Source
09 December 2016 CIA Russia
CIA tells Congress that they believe the Russians hacked the DNC to help defeat Hillary Clinton’s campaignSource
09 December 2016 McCain FBI
McCain provides a copy of Russian “Dossier” to FBI director James ComeySource
09 December 2016 Obama Russia
President Obama orders intelligence community to investigate Russian influence on U.S. electionSource
28 December 2016 Fusion GPS Perkins Coie
$58,000 frpm Perkins Coie to F_GPS
29 December 2016 Obama Russia
The Obama administration’s declassified intelligence report on Russian hacking, released Dec. 29. Grizzly SteppeSource
02 January 2017 Wikileaks Russia
Wikileaks’ Assange says he guarantees emails did not come from Russia; that Obama administration is trying to undermine TrumpSource
05 January 2017 FBI DNC
FBI says DNC refused to turn over server to determine nature of leaksSource
06 January 2017 FBI TRUMP
Comey briefs President-Elect Trump on existence of “salacious and unverified” Russian “Dossier”Source
10 January 2017 Brennan Obama
U.S. intelligence chiefs Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rogers brief Obama on Russian “Dossier” and attempts to “influence” TrumpSource
10 January 2017 Fusion GPS Buzzfeed
BuzzFeed releases full Fusion GPS “Dossier”Source
11 January 2017 Fusion GPS WSJ
WSJ identifies author of Russian “Dossier” as Christopher SteeleSource
12 January 2017 DOJ FBI
DOJ IG Michael Horowitz announces probe into actions of FBI including McCabe’s role in Clinton email scandalSource
12 January 2017 GUCCIFER2.0
Guccifer2.0 LAST BLOGPOSTSource
19 January 2017 TRUMP FBI
NYT reports law enforcement officials “intercepted” communications of Trump officials, including Paul ManafortSource
20 January 2017 TRUMP
TRUMP takes office as POTUS
22 January 2017 Flynn
Michael Flynn sworn in as National Security AdviserSource
24 January 2017 Flynn Strzok
Michael Flynn gives voluntary interview to FBI regarding Russian “collusion”; interviewer is Peter StrzokSource
26 January 2017 DOJ Flynn
Acting A.G. Sally Yates and Bill Priestap inform White House counsel that Flynn was “compromised” by Russian actorsSource
30 January 2017 DOJ TRUMP
Acting A.G. Sally Yates fired by President Trump for refusing to enforce his travel ban ordersSource
08 February 2017 Sessions
Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney GeneralSource
13 February 2017 Flynn TRUMP
Flynn fired by President after leaks claim that the aide has discussed sanctions with Russian actors, which Flynn deniesSource
14 February 2017 FBI TRUMP
In meeting with Trump, Comey says he was asked by President if he could see fit to “letting Flynn go”Source
02 March 2017 Sessions Russia
A.G. Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia “collusion” investigation, citing prior contacts with the Russian AmbassadorSource
20 March 2017 FBI TRUMP
Comey testifies before Congress that FBI secretly investigated potential Trump “collusion” and hid that fact from CongressSource
20 March 2017 FBI TRUMP
Comey denies accusations that the Trump campaign had been wiretapped by the U.S. governmentSource
20 March 2017 TRUMP Obama
Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly denounces surveillance and unmasking of Trump aides by Obama officialsSource
28 March 2017 McCabe HRC
Sen. Chuck Grassley writes to Comey over concern that McCabe’s investigation of Clinton was tainted by campaign donationsSource
09 May 2017 TRUMP FBI
Trump fires FBI director James ComeySource
10 May 2017 WaPo FBI
Washington Post asserts Comey had requested additional funding and resources for Russia investigation before his firingSource
12 May 2017 FBI TRUMP
Trump tweets that Comey better hope there are no tapes of their conversations “before he starts leaking to the press”Source
17 May 2017 DOJ Mueller
DOJ names Robert Mueller special counsel to investigate Russian influence on electionSource
19 May 2017 Strzok Mueller
Strzok also appears to say he doesn’t personally believe the FBI will find anything related to collusion. Says “I hesitate” to take the spot on Mueller’s team “in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”Source
08 June 2017 FBI Mueller
Comey admits he leaked records of his conversation in order to spur the naming of a special counselSource
15 June 2017 DHS DNC
Former DHS head Jeh Johnson tells Congress that the DNC refused to turn over its server so it could throughly investigate “hack”Source
23 June 2017 Fusion GPS
Burrows & Steele form Chawton Holdings Ltd Source
24 June 2017 Fusion GPS Russia
Wife of Fusion GPS founder Simpson, Mary Jacoby, writes on Facebook that her husband deserves the credit for “Russia-gate”Source
07 July 2017 FBI Fusion GPS
Comey asserts “Dossier” was “salacious and unverified”, but was important because media was prepared to report itSource
13 July 2017 Strzok Mueller
CNN reports Strzok is working for Mueller’s special counsel investgiationSource
14 July 2017 DNC Chalupa
DNC contractor Ali Chalupa denies working with Ukrainians to undermine Trump in spite of her leaked email from 5/3/16Source
20 July 2017 DOJ Strzok
DOJ Inspector General receives compromising texts of Mueller investigator Peter Strzok from FBISource
24 July 2017 VIPS Russia
Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (VIPS) reports that there is no evidence that Russians hacked DNCSource
27 July 2017 DOJ Strzok
DOJ Inspector General meets with Mueller and Rosenstein to inform them of Strzok’s text messagesSource
09 August 2017 DNC Russia
The Nation reports evidence that DNC insiders, not Russian hackers, compromised Democrat IT systemsSource
10 August 2017 DOJ Strzok
DOJ Inspector General requests all communications between Strzok and PageSource
22 August 2017 Fusion GPS
Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson meets with Senate committee for 10 hours, but refuses to divulge who funded “Dossier”Source
24 August 2017 DOJ FBI
House Intel Chair Nunes subpoenas DOJ and FBI for documents related to “Dossier”, which Strzok is believed to be behindSource
14 September 2017 Rice TRUMP
Susan Rice admits she surveilled Trump administration after the election and later unmasked the identities of key aidesSource
18 October 2017 Fusion GPS
Two Fusion GPS officials plead the Fifth Amendment during House Intelligence Committee interviewsSource
24 October 2017 Fusion GPS Russia
Washington Post reveals Clinton campaign and DNC funded Fusion GPS and Russian “Dossier”Source
29 October 2017 Mueller
NBC’s Delanian reports upon an illegal leak from the Mueller investigation that the first indictment will be issued MondaySource
30 October 2017 Mueller Manafort
Manafort and Gates indicted as part of Mueller’s investigationSource
31 October 2017 FBI Strzok
FBI refuses House Intel Committee (chaired by Nunez) request to interview StrzokSource
30 November 2017 Flynn Mueller
Flynn signs please agreeement with special counsel, admitting he lied about sanctions conversationsSource
02 December 2017 WaPo Strzok
Washington Post reveals existence of incriminating messages between Peter Strzok revealing anti-Trump biasesSource
04 December 2017 Strzok HRC
CNN reveals Strzok changed wording of Clinton investigation to avoid criminal chargesSource
06 December 2017 Ohr Fusion GPS
DOJ executive Bruce Ohr demoted after revelations he secretly met with Fusion GPS, which had secretly employed his wife NellieSource
06 December 2017 Schiff TRUMP Jr
Rep. Adam Schiff accused of leaking privileged notes of meeting between Trump. Jr and House Intelligence Committee to CNNSource
07 December 2017 Ohr Fusion GPS
Fox News reveals Ohr was in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time the FISA application was submitted and grantedSource
07 December 2017 FBI FISA
Rep. Jim Jordan grills FBI director Wray: was Dossier used to secure FISA warrant? Wray refuses to answerSource
07 December 2017 Flynn
Judge presiding over Michael Flynn criminal case, Rudolph Contreras, is recused, according to court statement for reasons unknownSource
11 December 2017 Ohr Fusion GPS
Fox News reveals Ohr’s wife was hired by Fusion GPS to create opposition research against TrumpSource
12 December 2017 Strzok Page
375 text messages between Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page are releasedSource
12 December 2017 McCabe Ohr
Deputy FBI director Anrew McCabe cancels testimony before Congress after revelations about Nellie and Bruce Ohr’s ties to Fusion GPSSource
13 December 2017 Rosenstein Fusion GPS
Deputy A.G. Rosenstein refuses to tell Congress whether the FBI paid for the Fusion GPS “Dossier”Source
14 December 2017 FBI Russia
Rep. Jim Jordan states DOJ/FBI leadership attempted to fix the presidential election by inventing a “Russian Collusion” narrativeSource
18 December 2017 Ohr
Demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr fails to appear before CongressSource
18 December 2017 TRUMP Jr
GOP lawmakers call for investigation into leaks of privileged interview between Trump Jr. and House Intelligence CommitteeSource
18 December 2017 McCabe
Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley calls for the firing of FBI’s McCabeSource
19 December 2017 McCabe
FBI’s McCabe testifies in private to House Intel Commitee a day after and is unable to answer questions about the “Dossier”Source
21 December 2017 FBI Mother Jones
FBI’s top General Counsel — James A. Baker — said to have leaked “Dossier” to Mother Jones, is reassigned by FBI Director WraySource