Other Suspects

The main suspects are a) Romanian digital pickpockets, and b) Cyber-Berkut, but for completeness here’s some of the pros and cons of other suspects:

Russian State
For Against
  • The assessment of the FBI, and Hillary Clinton
  • And the coastguard
  • Attack was claimed to be “sophisticated”
  • Hillary’s campaign promise of a no-fly zone over Syria could have resulted in World-War-III if she ordered Russian planes shot down
  • Utterly illogical. Harms Russia.
  • Goes against everything we know about how the KGB operated and FSB operate
  • Structure of attack was NOT sophisticated:
    • They had an old DNC list from the 2008 campaign, resulting in 38 out of 39 emails bouncing in first attack.
    • Russian fingerprints stupidly obvious
  • While the tools of the attack – the spearphishing – was sophisticated, many other hacker groups have the same tools. Hackers are clever and learn from each other, and these tools are available to purchase on the dark-web.
Criminal Hackers
For Against
  • Identical phishing, fake website, methods used by criminals
  • Data is valuable. Email lists are bought and sold.
  • Could the data have been purchased from somebody else’s hack..?
  • If G2.0. and DCLeaks are linked, an attempt was made to obtain financial details via actblues.com
  • actblues.com doesn’t seem to have resulted in any money stolen.
  • why risk an exposure?
Islamic Hackers
For Against
  • It suits the Islamic world to have their two great adversaries; Russia and the USA fighting each other
  • DCLeaks now based in Malaysia
  • APT 28 / 29 / Strontium / Pawn Storm, or whatever they are called this second, seem to be a combination of political, and criminal (fundraising) hacks would match a body like ISIS.
  • ISIS have always claimed attacks they do. No body has claimed anything here.
  • No hard evidence.