Mueller & KGB Subversion

Two recent events highlight the importance of G2.0.’s motivation. The first is the recent analysis suggesting that it’s likely G2.0’s documents were altered in timezone GMT + 3, and the second is Special Council Mueller’s indictment (direct .pdf link) of the Russian Internet Research Agency.

On the face of it both events suggest that the Russian Collusion theory may have some basis in truth. But everything that we know about the KGB/GRU’s methods suggest that this is wrong, and that only one of those events points to a true KGB-style operation: The Internet Research Agency.

For background, I can’t recommend highly enough this 1983 lecture by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov (aka Thomas Schuman):

It’s an hour long, so if you haven’t got time to view it all, I’ll summarise the main points and show why Guccifer2.0. does not, even remotely, fit the description of a classic-KGB operation.

People think of the KGB (yes, they’ve changed their name to GRU and SVR, but I’m resistant to change) as a group of Russian James Bonds. They imagine them sneaking into gated compounds, doing assassinations, and high-risk adventures. Yuri explains that, yes, the KGB did do those things, but it’s perhaps only 10 to 15% of their effort.

The rest, 85% to 90%, is spent on Subversion. What does he mean by that? It’s a method of winning by dividing, confusing, and weakening your enemy principally by means of propaganda. This subversion is overt, legitimate, and legal. The important factor is to find an element within the enemy country that wants to be subverted. And then help them.

Just as a martial arts master will use the size and strength of their opponent against them, subversion takes an already existing movement, idea, or theory and helps it flourish. You help your larger opponents’ blow, by avoiding it, and assisting his momentum until he crashes into the wall opposite himself.

These movements can be political, racial, religious, or social. The idea is to be divisive. Get your enemy fighting itself, rather than fighting Russia. Weaken the social fabric.

The Internet Research Agency is a classic example of this. It takes various ideas and promotes the most extreme version of both sides. I’m sure that once the full picture emerges we’ll find that they were promoting both sides of every issue. Trying to divide. Trying to stir up trouble in many areas:

  • Racial: Promote both “Black Lives Matter”, and White Supremacists
  • Religious: Promote “Muslims for America”, and “Ban the Burqa”
  • 2nd Amendment: Promote firearms confiscation and right to bear arms
  • Immigration: Promote “Build the wall” and “Sanctuary Cities”
  • Economy: Promote “Socialism USA” and “Capitalism USA”
  • Politics: Promote Sanders and Trump

Russia knows that the biggest danger to their interests is not Donald Trump, Sanders, or even Hillary Clinton. Their biggest danger is a strong united America. Their aim is the same as it’s always been: to divide, to troll, to shit-stir. With that in mind Have a look at some examples of the IR Agency’s handiwork.

And when one considers that many of these internet “promotions” were for protests after the election it’s clear what’s going on. It’s not to influence an election, but to divide and enrage the electorate.

The Internet Research Agency is classic KGB.

On the other hand Guccifer2.0. fits none of Russia’s subversion aims. By openly having “Russian” fingerprints, it makes it appear as if Russia is openly attacking the USA, which would bring an inevitable counter-reaction against Russia. It’s just plain illogical.

The original Guccifer thinks so too:

‘Americans are crazy about the Russian thing and that Russians are invading the United States,’ he said of the Russian hacking claims. ‘It’s crazy … it’s this hysteria you know?’

In the same January ’17 interview he makes a now prophetic claim:

“In phone calls from his prison cell near Arad in Romania, Lehel predicted to Fox that there would ‘be probes and indictments against some Russian people’. 

It’s a great compliment to the skills of Yuri Bezmenov’s former colleagues that much of the US population is now so subverted by decades of divisive propaganda (by both KGB and CIA) that some seem to believe that 0.04% of Facebook’s advertising revenue was utterly decisive in the election. Nobody knows whom to believe any more.

I’m pretty certain that at least Robert Mueller and John Brennan know whom to believe and what’s going on. From Yuri they’ve learnt that the truth isn’t important. It’s controlling what people think the truth is that’s important.

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